Antwerp city dating

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It features accommodation with free high-speed Wi Fi and a Health Club including an indoor pool.

Someone stole my entrance/drinking card, and I had to pay €25 extra.

The city features one of the most famous gay clubs in the Benelux, Red & Blue.

This club near the harbour attracts guys from all over the Benelux.

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They are thiefs working here - I will never come back here again.

Although Bruges is small, it’s filled to the brim with architectural and artistic treasures, folklore, chocolate shops and lace boutiques.

An imaginary east-west line that bisects the country at Brussels, divides the two regions.

I am almost sure that the guy behind the counter (cloakroom) kept my card when I received my hanger with my clothes. They should write the name of each person or a number on the card and on a separate paper bracelet, or set up a computer program with a personal number to avoid these kind of situations.

As long as they don't improve things, people will continu stealing cards from other people to get free drinks. Like all the places that are so enormous it seems it is always empty at any time (I visited in the weekend in the afternoon and evening). Watch out i was here 1 week ago & caught the guy at the bar inside my locker, He claimed he was making sure it was closed, Later i found out i was missing 50euro from my wallet.

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