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Timing without true compatibility leads to settling for less in the long run, and it’s not good enough.

The bottom line is that no one has to settle to settle down.

As funny as that analogy might be, it’s not entirely true; well, not for happy and successful long-term relationships.

Acting on timing alone without enough compatibility may just lead you to wonder what exactly is in your prenup.

If he comes back with a response that it’s not the right time but that he still loves you more than anything in the world, don’t overreact; wait it out and then reassess the situation once your fears and insecurities have a chance to abate. Repetition is not the key to success in this situation if you don’t want to push him to an ultimatum that may end your relationship permanently.

If anything, repeating “The Talk” may even the opposite effect, and can signal for him the beginning of the end.

On some level they want to be there with someone someday, and will sometimes express that they want to be there (thoroughly confusing and misleading their partner), but in the end they’re not ready, and may never be. But despite the desire deep down inside to have a serious, monogamous, committed relationship doesn’t mean they can.

Not having healed fully from a painful set of experiences has left them genuinely distrustful of other people, and of their own ability to make the right choices. When faced with a proposition to take a relationship to the next level of agreement, a serial dater will break off what seems to be a perfectly great relationship because they cannot agree in good faith to commit.

It doesn’t mean your relationship is over or won’t succeed.No amount of hoping, wishing, praying and ultimatum declaring, ladies, will make him yours ’til death do you part if he’s not there yet.Love Me Two Times: Stages of Commitment When it comes to a long-term romantic commitment there are two times in a man’s life: ready and not ready.Then suddenly, as if men had their own ticking biological clock, a man realizes that he’s ready for the next stage of his life: settling down.His available-for-commitment light flicks on, and the next woman who jumps in the backseat stays for the ride of a lifetime; she meets the “One” and he meets his nuptials.

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