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After defeating them, Matt is led to believe that someone is attempting to take Bakuto's life and ups the security.

Despite this Bakuto believes that Matt was the one who sent the ninjas and begins plotting to kill him.

In the present, while having dinner, Bakuto's food is spiked causing him to hallucinate demons.

When Kang the Conqueror went back in time in his spaceship, the Sphinx, and crash landed, he was found by the Sandstormers.

Baal was the leader of the Sandstormers, who found Apocalypse as a baby and raised him.

The character, created by Terry Kavanagh and Adam Pollina first appeared in The Rise of Apocalypse #1 (October 1996).

Years passed and En Sabah Nur had turned seventeen and has proven to his clan how strong he was, Rama Tut has grown tired in search of the Raiders.

Logos, Rama Tut's vizier, had revealed the Sandstormers' lair and soon they were all massacred.

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