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Yik Yakker - that movie has been released under several titles but "Naked Massacre" seems to be the one that stuck - it's a fairly accurate representation of the Richard Speck incident but was shot and set in Ireland - the actress is Carole Laure, a smoldering dark haired beauty of Canadian origin - strange on the title as there is no "naked" in the film - gotta love those marketing guys huh.Stay well allyeah yeah this site has become...boring...reason I visit this site is to find out about or The first half was awesome but the 2nd half was ...boring.Uh Clem wrote: Does anyone know which episode(s) of Hispania contained the bondage/whipping scenes shown in the clip that Gonzaullas recently brought to our attention?The episodes are: almost rape and branding scenes: 1x02 (I think that the whipping scene also belongs to episode 2, but Im not sure). d=DNUC2UQB Barbara tortured by Marco: 1x04 Download link: Adding pornography does not really affect anything, yes for some--there is a line that they perceived has been crossed.When you think about it, Hollywood has associated sex and violence for all time.I'm not sure a Powershotz membership will afford you all that much opportunity to explore her awesomeness, since I'm pretty sure Steve has posted most of his Delila content.

Sometimes I'm also on Mr (I'll buy a membership about one month out of the year) looking through the bondage selections.

d=9HEYBMKY Yik Yakker wrote: Damn, I wish I understood Spanish. Hmm, isn't that one of the many extinct species of dinosaur?

I also wish those Romans in Hispania would just rip the dresses right off those babes. --------On a different note: I just purchased a membership with Powershotz.

I was out of town for the holiday, sorry I missed this question.

I think the best answer is a combination of referrals from models who have worked for me or other producers, sending out inquiries to models that look like they may be interested through modeling sites, and pure luck.

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