Consequences of interracial dating negative thoughts

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Many people go even further and argue that since Asian Americans are doing so well, we no longer experience any discrimination and that Asian Americans no longer need public services such as bilingual education, government documents in multiple languages, and welfare.

Further, using the first stereotype of Asian Americans, many just assume that all Asian Americans are successful and that none of us are struggling.

Using this measure, research consistently shows that for each additional year of education attained, Whites earn another 2.

That is, beyond a high school degree, a White with 4 more years of education (equivalent to a college degree) can expect to earn 88 per year in salary. What this means is that basically, a typical Asian American has to get more years of education just to make the same amount of money that a typical White makes with less education.

As their socioeconomic attainment levels clearly illustrate for example, Asian Indians consistently outperform not only other Asian ethnic groups but Whites in several achievement measures, sometimes by a large margin.

And of course, you'll find plenty of examples of Asian Americans who are quite affluent and successful, and as Asian Americans, we should rightly feel proud of these examples of success.

Another point is that even despite the real successes we've achieved, Asian Americans are still significantly underrepresented in positions of political leadership at the local, regional, state, and federal levels (despite the successes of a few individuals such as Norman Mineta and Elaine Chao) -- just like Blacks, Latinos, and American Indians.In the corporate world, Asian Americans are underrepresented as CEOs, board members, and high-level supervisors -- just like Blacks, Latinos, and American Indians.This is not to say that there aren't Asians Americans out there who are quite successful and have essentially achieved the American dream.As we will see, many other statistics show that Asian Americans are still the targets of racial inequality and institutional discrimination and that the model minority image is a myth.Again, we need to remember that not all Asian Americans are the same.

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