Dating 4fun

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Make Your Own Pizza and Popcorn With a variety of fresh and ready-made pizza doughs now available in various sizes, every family member can make their own creation!

Prep and lay out various toppings, a couple of different sauces, and let the fun begin!

For a fun popcorn recipe, check out my Candy Popcorn – there’s never any left! Kids love to dance and taking turns judging and selecting music would make for instant fun.

Choose a variety of music from mom and dad’s favorite 80’s and 90’s hits to the hits of the day, golden oldies, jazz, and more.

There’s no need to make the decision to start dating, and then furiously search for a wedding dress. Don’t pin all your hopes on the first person you meet.The more info you share, the more likely you’ll be to match with someone who enjoys the same things you do.Plus, you’ll have a wider pool to choose from, as Ok Cupid’s dating network is huge.A change is as good as a holiday and you might find that by trying new things, you’ll discover what you were really looking for all along.You don’t have to sit there like a mute, but monopolising the discussion isn’t attractive either.

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