Dating room sex japan

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"I don't have a girlfriend and it's difficult to meet women at work, so that's why I am here" says Hiroshi Nakahara, an office worker.

"I'm embarrassed to be doing this." Love hurts Many of the people at the party seems to echo the same problems.

But speed dating parties, as such events are known, are proving increasingly common in many countries.Tokyo is indeed very expensive, and the apartments very small, but outside of the capital there are affordable and spacious places to rent.I lived in a beautiful apartment in Osaka Japan, and I paid approximately 0 for my rent and bills per month.They spend a long time in the office and so they have little time to invest in finding love."It's becoming harder to meet suitable partners these days and that's one reason why people are getting married later," says party organiser Natsuko Minami.

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