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They are suitable for everyday use and are available in three different varieties, so make sure to have a pack handy when it’s time to change baby.State-owned arms dealer Denel does not have enough money to pay its staff their December salaries.She’s nesting My friends: getting together with the boys Guess What: We’re Pregnant!Celebrating Father’s Day Stay at home dads Jobs for mothers Mothers returning to work – getting prepared Mothers working from home Returning to work – create a professional look on a budget Returning to work – juggling the pressures of work and family Working from home - quiz Business resources for moms Financial support Preschool systems in South Africa Tips from parents Tips for photographing your child Bilingual children – learning a second language Money-saving tips from Huggies® members Sibling rivalry Glandular fever Head lice Protecting your child from paedophiles Choosing the right childcare for you and your child Photographing kids Baby’s first Christmas Christmas shopping for kids Playing Santa – a guide for parents Christmas family outings Keeping your child safe at Christmas Christmas games Safety and Christmas decorations Christmas cards Christmas songs Christmas colouring pages Christmas craft Christmas party ideas Coping with Christmas Day Christmas stockings Christmas invitations Homemade christmas decorations Homemade Christmas cards Holiday photo tips Making a family budget planner Managing your mortgage Top tips for debt management How to pay off your credit cards Planning your family’s future Family finance Using a budget planner to keep on top of your bills and budget Preparing for tax time in advance 8 tips and tricks for how to organise your home Timesaver tips for the household Discover how using a weekly planner helps save time Great ways to structure your days Educating the kids on cleaning and tidying Identifying and eliminating time wasters Creating a family chores chart 10 great ideas to quickly spice up your wardrobe While still keeping the nappies in sizes 0, 1 and 2, we have introduced two new features to ensure baby’s comfort!

A full bench in the High Court ordered President Zuma to personally pay the costs of his failed bid to stop the release of the Public Protectors state capture report.

Its the second year of the ground-breaking Abantu Book Festival, and it is bigger, better and even more relevant to the African context.

The Abantu Book Festival is on from 7-10 December 2017 at the Eyethu Lifestyle Centre and Soweto Theatre.

Dressing for your shape Oral health and pregnancy Music in the womb Colouring your hair during pregnancy Implantation bleeding Pregnancy haemorrhoids Constipation during pregnancy Thrush in pregnancy Mucous plug Gestational diabetes Placental abruption Preeclampsia Eclampsia High blood pressure in pregnancy Hyperemesis gravidarum Intrauterine growth retardation Premature labour Deep vein thrombosis in pregnancy Rhesus disease Oligohydramnios Polyhydramnios ABO incompatibility Placenta praevia Cholestasis in pregnancy Symphysis pubis dysfunction Perinatal mortality Bleeding during pregnancy Pre-Labour Birth partner The first stages of labour Labour delivery – the second stage of labour Birth placenta - The third stage Pre-term labour Inducing labour Natural labour Pain relief Cord blood donation / banking Baby massage benefits Preparation for baby massage Basic baby massage Premature babies’ massage Newborn massage Growing baby massage Toddler massage Baby massage strokes Full body baby massage & yoga Baby butterfly & froggy excercises Baby Bliss, Head to Toe & Loving touch Massage Upper body massage & yoga Scalp circles, forehead stroking & bridge of nose massage Smiling Face, Jaw Circles, Rolling Ears and Stroking Massage Touch relaxation, heart of love & butterfly massage Indian milking, pitstop, turn & caress massage Open hand, circling, Swedish milking & caress massage Back and forth & sweeping the back massage Raining, rainbows and the rays of sunshine massage Lower body massage & yoga Water wheel, legs up & belly button smile massage Hands of clock & I love you massage Colic routine, water wheel, froggy pose, touch relaxation & hands of clock massage Hug and glide & indian milking massage Fanning the foot & squeezing the toes massage Scooping The Foot, Thumb Walk & Aeroplane Runway Massage Baby sleep help Baby sleep tips Parents coping Sleep deprivation and parenthood Baby settling Controlled crying Ferberisation Sleep associations Baby sleep problems Baby nightmares Baby fears & phobias Sleeping through the night Baby sleeping habits 1 Month Old Baby 2 Month Old Baby 3 Month Old Baby 4 Month Old Baby 5 Month Old Baby 6 Month Old Baby 7 Month Old Baby 8 Month Old Baby 9 Month Old Baby 10 Month Old Baby 11 Month Old Baby 12 Month Old Baby 13 Month Old Baby 14 Month Old Baby 15 Month Old Baby 16 Month Old Baby 17 Month Old Baby 18 Month Old Baby 19 Month Old Baby 20 Month Old Baby 21 Month Old Baby 22 Month Old Baby 23 Month Old Baby 24 Month Old Baby 25 Month Old Baby 26 Month Old Baby 27 Month Old Baby 28 Month Old Baby 29 Month Old Baby 30 Month Old Baby Developing social skills Perfect play-dates Shyness in Toddlers Toddler behaviour Toddler routines Toddler habits Attention seeking Toddler biting Toddler bullying Household helpers Play and development Using sign language with toddlers Top 10 tips for getting your toddler to listen Cognitive development The benefits of music for kids Gender play Raising girls Raising boys Boys and girls nappies Physical development – Toddler sleep problems Ways to keep your child talking Imaginative and pretend play Active toddlers at play Common eye problems in young children Drawing development Basic Fitness A fitness routine for moms Women’s abdominal exercises Women’s aerobic exercises Woman’s body exercise Women’s pilates exercises Women’s yoga exercises Regain control of your bladder Fitness and mental health Fitness equipment New year’s resolutions Abdominal fat Water safety tips Swimming safety checklist Pool safety Swimming pool rules Swimming between flags Public pool safety- hotels, gyms and recreation centres Swimming pool first aid Beach safety Beaches for kids Sun safety for kids Hypernatremia and your child Swimming lessons Infant swimming Kids swimming Toddler swim lessons How to swim- taking the plunge!

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