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The smile on her face, the fair colour of her body, the blue mini skirt, the white tank top, the matching sneakers, everything about her turned him on. "Hi, Uncle," she said in her sweet baby voice, rising up on her toes to kiss him on his cheek. As soon as she let him go, Joginder hid half of himself once again. " He mentally kicked himself, for behaving like an embarrassed teenager. She had a huge crush on him, his daughters had told that during one of their fuck sessions. He was standing in front of the girl, his tent in full view! She went to the fridge, bent down from her hips, her legs straight. Joginder forced himself to talk to her about her teasing.

Joginder had to bend down, like always, as her 5'2" body couldn't reach up to him. She would kiss him on his cheek every time they meet, followed by a half-hug. A barely legal eighteen-year-old teen with 32c-26-34 assets was a dreamgirl of anyone. Time and again he had fucked his daughters imagining he was doing it with Riya. He was about to hid himself once again when Riya pushed him aside. The skirt rode up and the blue panties shone on her white body. Always wearing skimpy skirts around him, she was in a habit of finding excuses to bend down in front of him, sometimes from her waist, sometimes on all her four. "Riya I've something important to talk about." "Yes?

His twin daughters were extra-willing and extra-adventurous. And when he wake up, he found two mouths wrapped around his hard cock.

According to him, it was a miracle that he was hard once again. Let us take care of you for a change." Then she engulfed the whole of his 7.1" cock and Joginder couldn't help but moan. " Jasmeet giggled and placed her hand on the back of her sister's head, gagging her on their father's penis. She had used the exact same words that Jasmeet told when she was the one teasing and seducing him.

She was sitting directly on his crotch, his penis sticking directly to her pussy, through layers of clothes. She tried to pull away, but his strategically place hand didn't allow her to.

She was clutching it even when he entered her for the first time. Not only that, Riya was grinding her buttock, very slowly, on his hard on. Riya turned towards him and kissed his lips without any warning. Plus, she gave him a get-out-of-the-jail-for-free card with her 'kitty' sentence! He was going to use this Bengali teen to his fullest desire. It was turning red and soon it would turn purple, he knew that.

Tom will chase Jerry and I will stretch the kitty...! Joginder glanced towards the TV after making his statement and saw that some other show was airing. Riya quickly looked up, startled by his voice, and looked back once again, taking her time, this time. This confident, bubbly, teasing bitch was intimidated and dazed! "Look up," ordered he, at once, "into my eyes." And she followed, but averted her eyes after a second or two. She was about to groan but the sound got drowned as he placed his lips on her and started kissing her passionately. He knew it must be hard for her, not moaning at all, standing in front of him silently. As soon as she moaned, he bit her nipple very hard. His last thought before passing out was that his cock was dead, for ever! But watching his two daughters take care of his morning wood was something assuring. They called it 'The magic trick of disappearing dick'. Though tired, he loved the feel of their warm mouths, their teasing eyes, their sexy giggles. His train of thoughts was stopped by the door-bell. But he never tried to do anything with her, partly because he was a good friend of her dad, and partly because his girls were too jealous of her. She took out a water bottle and started drinking from it, her lips around the top of it, sucking it a bit. " She scooted closer, if one can, and batted her eyelashes, sexily. Though they were the best of friends, they didn't like the way Riya made him feel.

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