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*The Winter Hero * The Bloody Country *Jump Ship to Freedom – Arabus Saga * War Comes to Willy Freeman – Arabus saga * Who is Carrie – Arabus saga * When the Stars Begin to Fall – without Chris * Outside Looking in – without Chris * Making Music for Money – without Chris * Planet out of the Past HILA COLMAN * Accident * Diary of a Frantic Kid Sister * Rich and famous like My Mom * What’s the Matter with the Dobson’s * Claudia Where are You?* Girl Meets Boy * Weekend Sisters * Not For Love * Hanging On * Don’t Tell Me You Love Me * The Double Life of Angela Jones * Remind me not To Fall in Love * Nobody has to be a Kid forever – Sequel to Diary * Happily Ever after * Mixed Marriage Daughter * Ellie’s Inheritance * Suddenly * Just the Two of Us * A Fragile Love * Bride at Eighteen * Sometimes I don’t Love my Mother * Confession of a Storyteller * Tell me No Lies * Triangle of Love ELLEN CONFORD *The Revenge of the Incredible Dr.Rancid and his youthful assistant Jeffery * Why Me * Hail Hail Camp Timberwood * If this is Love I’ll Take Spaghetti * A Royal Pain * Anything for a Friend * The Luck of Pokey Bloom * You Never Can Tell * Seven Days to a Brand New Me * Dear Lovey Hart I am Desperate * And this is Laura * Dreams of Victory * The Alfred G.Graebner Memorial High school handbook of rules and Regulations * We interrupt this semester for an important bulletin * To all My Fans With love , from Sylvie * Lenny Kendall Smart Aleck * Me and the Terrible Two * Felicia the Critic * Strictly for Laughs * Genie with the light blue hair PAM CONRAD *Holding Me Here LINDA A COONEY * Freshman Dorm series * Totally Hot series * Class of 88 and 89 series * Couples series * Some Sunset High – series * Sweet Sixteen * a Moonstone – Deadly Design CAROLINE B COONEY * Camp Girl Meets Boy * Camp Reunion * Dance Books series – * several Wildfire romance * some Follow your Heart interactives * The Rah Rah Girl * Don’t Blame the Music * The Party’s Over * I’m not your other Half *The Face on the Milk Carton OTTO COONTZ * The Night Walkers * Mystery Madness * Isle of the Shapeshifters * Hornswoggle Magic M. COOPER * Couples series writer or umbrella author SUSAN COOPER * The Dark is rising series – Oversea under Stone , The Dark is Rising , Greenwitch , The Grey King , Silver on the Tree , * Seaward * Dawn of Fear BARBARA CORCORAN * The Private War of Lillian Adams * Makin it * The Potato Kid * Who am I anyway * Allegro Born , Allegro Dead * Love is not Enough * Hey that’s My soul you’re stomping On * A Moonstone series book * A Watery Grave * Face the Music * By the Silvery Moon * Strike * Ask for Love and they Give you Rice Pudding * The Winds of Time * Stay Tuned *Mystery on Ice * The Person in the Potting shed * August Die she Must * The Hideaway * Rising Damp * The Lifestyle of Robie Tuckerman * A Dance to Still Music ROBERT CORIMER * I am the Cheese * The Chocolate War * Beyond the Chocolate War * The Bumblebee Flies anway * After the First Death * Fade BRUCE COVILLE * Camp Haunted Hills #1 #2 #3 * a Dark Forces book * My Teacher series – My Teacher is an Alien , My Teacher Glows in the Dark , My Teacher flunked the Planet , My Teacher Fried My Brains * The Monsters Ring – the beginning of the Magic Shop series M. CRAIG ( SEE ALSO MARY FRANCIS SHURA ) * The Mystery at Peacock Place MARGARET CRAVEN * I heard the Owl call my name * Again calls the Owl LINDA CREW * Children of the River GILLIAN CROSS * The Demon Headmaster series * Born of the Sun * On The Edge * Swimathon * Roscoe’s Leap * A Map of Nowhere * Wolf * The Monster from Underground * Twin and Super Twin * The Minty-glo Kid * The Dark Behind the Curtain * Chartbreak * Revolt at Ratcliff Rags * The Dark Behind the Curtain CHRIS CRUTCHER * Running Loose * Stotan! ELEANOR CAMERON * A room Made of Windows Publisher – Little Brown books for Young Readers. She is haunting a museum that features an odd time link with a Napoleanic time period created from all the objects that came from an old French castle.Date : 1972 12 year old Julia Redfern longs to be a writer and records all the quirky , lively goings on around her in a notebook entitled – Book of Strangeness. * To the Green Mountains Publisher – Date : A young girl growing up in a small midwestern town where her mother runs a hotel has recurring dreams of a much longed for home.Then beautiful, sexy, twelve-year-old Tammy turns up in front of the photographer’s camera, and suddenly Sylvia is wondering if she’s all washed up.Desperate, she tries to dream up something really spectacular to help her career, only to discover that sometimes spectacular isn’t the way to go. * Just Too Cool PATRICIA CALVERT * Picking up the Pieces Publisher – Atheneum.

) Helping Zee through her pregnancy , he also learns he is a more important role in his family than he ever imagined when a series of crisis cause him to take charge. Date : 1988 16 year old Leenie has been harbouring a lot of anger towards the mother who abandoned her as a young teen to be raised with Leenie’s maternal Grandmother.

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Pretty, popular with boys, and a championship rider, her sister Ashleigh had been Jo Beth’s opposite in every way.

Jo Beth was scared stiff of both boys and horses, and was happiest when she was helping out her museum director father by trying to solve such puzzles as the meaning of the symbols on the museum’s ancient stone pony statuette.

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