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If anything Trump has mellowed since we worked for him in the ’80s.His run for president was amusing at first but is now frightening!One of the most prominent figures in the Korean hip-hop scene, he came under sudden attack after announcing his engagement to actress Kang Hye Jung.There had been a recent wave of fake diploma scandals in South Korea, and an anti-fan online group appeared, named Ta Jin Yo, a Korean acronym standing for “We Request the Truth from Tablo.” The group claimed that the rapper’s diploma from Stanford University was a forgery.

While usually the audience is awash with colored lights during performances and cheers fill the air, when Girls’ Generation got on stage they were confronted with darkness and silence from the stands.

Neither of us thought that Trump had any claim to the music but I wanted to be somewhat sure that it wouldn’t come back to bite Trump’s former advertising people.

What are your thoughts on Donald Trump running for president?

The agenda is money, fame and notoriety." Koehler's letter includes the legal statutes regarding intimidating a witness -- which is a class B felony in Washington.

Pop music from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan is becoming increasingly popular on the world stage.

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