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Your reflection and light bounces off multifaceted surfaces throughout the venue at the new HRH tower. “Vanity will cater to your ego, where the most important person in the club is you,” says managing partner Cory Mc Cormack.The self-importance begins right at the entrance, inspired by the elegance of the Victorian era.

The experience begins when you catch your own eye around every corner.The sexy elegance inside is temporarily shielded by curtains until you pass down an S-shaped hallway, then past a two-sided fireplace that’s almost—but not quite—as hot as you are before you’re finally faced with the club in its entirety.Vanity’s , sure to impress, is the chandelier that rises from the center of the 14,000-square-foot venue.The A's had won the first two games of the playoff rematch in the Bronx, and Game Three was at the Coliseum.Since the two teams had gone five games in 2000 in their ALDS matchup, this was a sports battle looming large for both teams -- perhaps more so for the defending-champion Yankees and a city deeply scarred by the terrorist attacks just a few weeks before the playoffs.

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