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While addiction is most commonly associated with substances such as alcohol and drugs, it is possible to be addicted to certain activities such as gambling and shopping.

Emotional intimacy disorders can also be classified as addictions, with many people addicted to love or sex.

Sex addicts often thrive on the thrill of arousal rather than the intimacy that sex brings with it and, therefore, they find it hard to maintain a healthy intimate relationship with another person.

Those with a sex addiction cannot control their urges, even if they are causing obvious harm to their lives.

In many instances, their parents may have been love or sex addicts.

The feelings of euphoria that are produced by love and sex can become an addiction for some people who want to recreate those feelings again and again.

The first step in treating a love or sex addiction is to identify the cause of the problem.

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Some individuals suffer from both sex and love addiction simultaneously.Love addicts often engage in risky sexual activity and are therefore leaving themselves open to the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.They tend to become involved in unhealthy relationships and may be at risk of abuse from a partner both physically and emotionally.Love addicts often become obsessed with others and become obsessive about relationships.They often suffer from low self-esteem and may be incapable of making a commitment so they will continuously move from one relationship to another.

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