Long nails dating updating keyboard plug

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I’d say it affects your chances of getting a girlfriend probably about as much as still using an aol e-mail account or being a less than stellar bowler. You’re right that porn talons, that is, fake press-on style nails, tend to make most lesbians recoil in terror, but there’s not a magic length that signals to the world that you are The Most Gay.I mean, hello, a rule like that would put like 85% of femmes out of business.

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is the content of your character, not how many ladies’ pants you look down.Treat the situation as you would any other casual thing, and hopefully others will follow suit.And don’t worry too much about how people perceive you.How long can fingernails get before they are unacceptable by lesbian standards?I realize that “porn fingernails” are probably too long, but I don’t know.

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