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Take the initiative to approach the other person and apologize to him.Don't wait for him to apologize to you." Today, think about two people you know who are quarreling and try using this method to bring peace between them . if we see an injustice and our anger helps bring us to correct it).

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After all, he was only a baby; did he absorb the material through osmosis or something?!Since this person thinks that he is right and the other is wrong, he's likely to turn against you and quarrel with you!A more effective approach is telling him: "Even though you believe you are totally right and the other person is totally wrong, you should still be the one who pursues peace.The answer is that as much as the influence of being around the yeshiva made Rebbe Yehoshua great, it was also the influence of having a mother who was willing to sacrifice herself to bring him there every day, who showed him the importance of being Jewish, of having the right values, of being in a positive Jewish environment.Jewish education is not just the technicalities of learning the alphabet and the multiplication tables.

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