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Storage of goods and the manufacturing of ammunition and weapons ended a long time ago and the Defense Line has for decades lost its status as a fortification.

But the buildings and the landscape, not to mention the stories of eyewitnesses, remind us of the past.

The Defense Line of Amsterdam is a defense system which, between 18, was built in a circle around the capital at a distance of 15 to 20 kilometers.

The line consists of dikes, sluices, intakes, 42 fortresses and several batteries.

An exhibition route has been created that leads along the Defense Line of Amsterdam, the buildings of the former Artillery Institutions and the General Defense Park.

The route starts at the quay of the ferry that connects Amsterdam with Zaandam and meanders across the terrain to the new entrance at the provincial road and back.

The Hembrug Museum also offers photo-expeditions to the public.

The 42 acre site is the largest industrial heritage cluster in the Netherlands.

It recalls the presence of an enemy standing at the gates of the city.

DUBBELMANSince the industrial activities of Eurometaal ended in 2003, photographer Gé Dubbelman has regularly visited the HEMbrug terrain to capture the beauty and tragedy of the decline, the traces of meanwhile defunct tradition; all this silently embraced by nature.

The development of the industrial complex on the terrain would be inconceivable without the existence of the Defense Line.

On site there were the General Defense Park of the Defense Line and the Artillery Institutions.

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