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Mr Hariri, a dual Lebanese-Saudi national, stunned Lebanon and the region when he declared his resignation from Saudi Arabia, sparking speculations he was held against his will and forced to resign.In a series of tweets before leaving, Mr Hariri dismissed as "rumours" and a "lie" reports that he was detained or prevented from leaving the kingdom.“What the World Association [sic] of Muslim Youth and the Muslim World League are doing is funding mosques and promoting an ideology – the Salafist Wahhabist ideology.” Sir William discussed the difficulty of defining the funding of terrorism, and said “grown-up dialogue with the Gulf about what we think” is needed.

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Despite limited reforms in 20 to reduce male control over women, which included no longer requiring permission for women to work and making domestic abuse illegal, the report found the system remains largely in place.

Sir William also criticised recent moves by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt to isolate Qatar.

“This has all the hallmarks of a policy that has not been thought through.

The announcement early on Saturday was posted on the Saudi embassy Twitter account.

It came shortly after the embassy reported that it is closely following reports of an attack on two Saudi nationals in a Beirut neighbourhood.

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