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When she finally had her torch snuffed for the first time ever after playing for a combined 94 days, she received a round of applause for her efforts.

How’d she feel about both her game and how it ended?

Tai kept grabbing at his pocket, and you know when you have something in your pocket and you don’t realize you’re doing it but you grab your pocket and you squeeze your hand?

So it seemed like he had an idol in his pocket, or a shell. But when that’s all said and done and you know there’s no way that’s going to happen, then you move on. I’ve never been closer to an entire cast like I am with these Game Changers.

All Sage wants is for this sexy, no-account drifter to"He was everything she despised in a man. " This had to be the worst night of Sage Tyler's life. Then she has to fly home with Harlan Boyd, the arrogant, drop-dead gorgeous stranger who overheard every word of that humiliating episode--and enjoyed it!But soon that feeling would change whether she liked it or not. Things were changing unexpectedly and returning home was something that made her happy. Being part of the Tyler family was something special. But for Sage she continued to struggle with finding her spot within it.She was always the little sister, the little brat in the eyes of Lucky and Chase.So I think Ozzy was scared of him and I honestly believed I was not going home. So I was with them all day, every day and I want to say on my behalf that we are all friends and we’re okay. They’re really awesome and I’m glad that each and every one of them was picked for a reason, and they’re great.” On not telling J. after the game that she stole the sugar: “I personally try not to sit there and talk about the game every single day.I was like, ‘I need to see this on TV because I’m not getting it.’ They fooled me.” On if she would have voted for Ozzy instead of Tai if they had found a fourth person, and what we did not see at Tribal Council: “Andrea actually said, ‘I’ll go with you guys.’ That was our fourth person. It was just trying to lure Tai into making a mistake and showing everyone else he couldn’t be trusted. And I’ll vote with you, Tai.’ But it was all a ruse.” On being reunited with Tony and J. at Ponderosa: “This is where it’s hard because when you’re touring Vietnam with these people and seeing them at breakfast, lunch, and dinner and doing everything together, you really get to know them outside of the game. I had never been on this Ponderosa trip, and I always thought that I missed out on traveling through Panama and Samoa. And then they were getting tangled around each other or the tree.

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