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But through the show's eight season, the romantic pursuits of the main characters (including their often-funnier friends Jack and Karen) provided some of the key storylines.

Now it seems so blase, but Will and Jack's (separate) romantic pursuits for men were pretty revolutionary at the time, as were Grace's search for a man who tolerated her, um, less-than-ladylike characteristics.

"Cheers" ran for 11 seasons (from 1982 to 1993), but the first five are the ones that set the standard for modern romantic comedies on television with Ted Danson's Sam Malone and Shelley Long's Diane Chambers. Was it the will-they-or-won't-they dynamic, or the sexual tension between Danson and Long? Keep your ears open for the now-classic Diane line in describing her feelings for Sam: "I hate you with the white-hot intensity of one thousand suns." Cheers is available to stream on Netflix.

There's still a ton of Sam and Diane fanfic out there, even 31 years after the show's premiere (Google it! Although "Sex and the City" had the ability to shock when it came to sex, it was really about love deep down. Big, of course, provided the big romance, but there were plenty of other romances to watch.

Here’s a list of TV shows that aired (or were expected to air) during the 2015-16 season (roughly September 2015 through August 2016) and that also won’t be back for the 2016-17 season.

Most recent additions: (TNT) Starring Sean Bean, this action series drew low ratings in its first season but TNT renewed it anyway.

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But the show's other couple, Chandler and Monica, proved to be more grounded."New Girl" is available to stream on Netflix and Hulu Plus.Despite the title, the romantic tension on "Friends" started pretty much in the first episode, when Ross nervously told Rachel they should "hang out sometime." Ross and Rachel became the yet another Sam and Diane, going through ten years of dating, break-ups, "we were on a break!The drop in ratings wasn’t a surprise since USA released the entire second season online and on-demand the day after the second season premiered. Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime and good ol' fashioned DVD sets are here to help if you're still having trouble accepting how "How I Met Your Mother" ended.

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