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Ludacris is most known for his rapping career, specifically with his hit singles, “Southern Hospitality”, “What’s Your Fantasy”, “Stand Up”, “Roll Out”, “Act a Fool”, “Move Bitch”, “Yeah! Ludacris is currently married to Gabonese model Eudoxie Mbouguiengue.

The two were engaged and married in Costa Rica in the same day, and have one daughter together.

In the intro, he pokes fun at Woods by imitating his panicked voice message left to one of his alleged mistresses Jaimee Grubbs.

Luda imagines a conversation with the teacher who’s helping him getting “unhooked on ass”.

He also has another daughter by another long time friend, who was born while he and Mbouguiengue were still dating.

Politically, Ludacris has been rudely outspoken in his music regarding political figures like George W. He’s also had a riff with media correspondent Bill O’Reilly since O’Reilly called for Americans to boycott Pepsi products, as Ludacris represented Pepsi and supported a lifestyle of violence and disrespect toward women.

I finally got that opportunity last year at the White House Correspondence dinner.

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At the same time, you have regular Ludacris songs on there.Long story short, I have records talking about women, records talking to women and records where they are talking back to me. I’m not currently dating right now so I can’t answer the question.Do you prefer dating or are you happier in a monogamous relationship?Sales for the album were low, but Ludacris pressed on to release his second album, “Back for the First Time” in the year 2000.Unlike his first album, the second was a major success on the charts.

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