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If the dialogue you write bores you, it’ll put your reader to sleep. That’s the way to keep your reader riveted until the final page—no small task.

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You’ll still see them occasionally, but I suggest not using them. Use dialogue tags only when the reader wouldn’t otherwise know who’s speaking.Example: As they headed toward the house, Janet whispered, “Can we not have a repeat of Cincinnati? “Believe me, I don’t want that any more than you do.” “Good,” Janet said. ” What normal reader wouldn’t assume they will talk about it at some point and stay with the story until they do?As the story progresses, you can reveal more and more about your protagonist’s past and have your story come full circle.” And his daughter would say, “It’s just him.” Anything that doesn’t sound right won’t read right either, so rewrite it until it does. They might do any of those things while saying them, which might be worth mentioning, but the emphasis should be on what is said, and readers just need to know who is saying it. All those other descriptors turn the spotlight on an intrusive writer.Certain iconic lines of dialogue have become as legendary as the films and books they originate from: Most writers — even bestselling novelists — never create such an unforgettable line of dialogue. Ironically, it should fit so seamlessly it doesn’t draw attention to itself until fans begin quoting it. Teachers who urge you to find alternatives are usually unpublished and believe agents and editors will be impressed. Sometimes people whisper or shout or mumble, but let their choice of words indicate they’re grumbling, etc.

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