Zack braff dating

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We didn’t know that we’d be sitting here this many years later talking about how it just got picked up for a run on Comedy Central.

But most importantly, here was a writer-director-actor unafraid to create a character close to his own personality.Zach Braff has accomplished so much in Hollywood over the course of his two-and-half-decade-long career, from starring in big-budget films like Oz the Great and Powerful and Chicken Little, to writing and directing the indie classic Garden State. Braff recently stopped by the Buzz Feed offices in celebration of Scrubs making its Comedy Central debut and in between playing the game Operation, he answered your most burning questions.But, of course, he is probably best known for his role as the lovable J. Zach Braff: I haven’t played Operation since I was a child, but I do feel like as an adult I’ll be able to nail this.I also, as you know, played a doctor on television for many years and have done some very light procedures on friends and acquaintances, so I think I should be able to do some basic operation. I tried to take him home — he was our dead, taxidermy dog — and the network wouldn’t let me have him.ZB: Donald and I do truly love each other — you can cut right now and show pictures of us through the years. You’re going to ask me if it’s ever crossed certain taboo lines and I’m going to say no, it hasn’t. I thought as a price for doing eight and a half years of the wonderful show that I should be allowed to have Rowdy in my house, but they didn’t agree.

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